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Innoplexus Releases New Study Examining Consumer Perceptions of Pharmaceutical Companies

Insights are intended to guide innovations and reforms within the industry

Hoboken, New Jersey: Innoplexus, a leader in artificial intelligence and data analytics solutions for pharmaceutical and life science research, announced today the publication of a new study examining consumer perceptions about drug prices, transparency, and other issues related to the pharmaceutical industry. This survey of over 1,000 American consumers was commissioned by Innoplexus and conducted by Haven Insights, a leading research firm that works with organizations such as Stanford, MIT, and P&G.

Top insights from the study include:

  • Negative views of pharmaceutical companies increase with age, with 63% of respondents over 60 having a “very negative” or “negative” view of pharmaceutical companies compared to just 36% of 30-39 year-olds.
  • 73% said that their opinion of pharma companies would improve if companies were more transparent about what goes into the cost of medications.
  • 82% of consumers rate drug prices as “very” or “extremely” important in shaping their perception of the pharma industry, and 77% believe that prices are unreasonably high.

“We commissioned this survey to analyze deeply the priorities, concerns, and hopes that shape the public’s perception of pharmaceutical companies,” said Gunjan Bhardwaj, CEO of Innoplexus, “We hope that these insights can contribute to necessary reforms and drive innovations within the industry to build better relationships between pharma companies and patients.”

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About Innoplexus
Innoplexus AG offers Data-as-a-Service and Continuous Analytics-as-a-Service products and solutions that help organizations move towards continuous decision-making. By leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies, Innoplexus helps organizations generate insights from structured and unstructured private and public data. Founded in 2011, INNOPLEXUS AG is headquartered in Eschborn, Germany with offices in Pune, India, and Hoboken, USA. Learn more at

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