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Augmented Intelligence powered Life science platform

Innoplexus provides an Augmented Intelligence powered Life science platform to answer key questions across various stages of drug lifecycle from pre-discovery to post-launch; increasing drugs-to-market by 4x and reduces time-to-market by 2x. Learn More


Drug Discovery & Developments

Innoplexus harnesses proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide deeper and real-time insights into the Life Sciences data universe. We use natural language processing and computer vision to understand data, make connections, and accelerate drug development from drug discovery to commercialization.


We help in unlocking data silos and unpublished data in a secure way

Computer Vision

We extract relevant life sciences information from PDFs and other documents

Entity Normalization

We reduce error percentage of missing entities resulting from wrong spellings and synonyms

Machine Learning & AI

We achieve integration with enterprise data and enrichment with public data using AI & ML
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Our Offerings

Commercial & Regulatory

Our platform modules facilitate in speeding up AI-driven drug discovery, more reliably and unbiased. Ontosight® (OS) offers a holistic approach to research and discovery in pharma and life sciences by leveraging artificial intelligence and a self-learning life sciences ontology .

OS Discover

Speed up your research by 8x

OS Explore

Visualize ‘never thought to be linked’ entities

OS Influence

Track over 20 million researchers, investigators, and key opinion leaders (KOLs) globally

OS Integrate

Resolve challenges of data fragmentation and accessibility

OS Dashboards

Focus on decision making rather than data accumulation

Hospitals and Patients

Enabling Decentralized Science for equitable and efficient healthcare by leveraging AI and Blockchain technologies.

Patient & Hospital

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Pharma & Data Institutes

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Our unique approach is entirely tailored to customers needs

Mine text and contextualize data from upto 95% world wide web. Identify and validate drug targets with natural language processing (NLP) that understands life sciences. Our usual process of working includes identifying the core problem and scoping the necessary elements of the solution, with our proprietary CAAV™ framework.
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Our Technology