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Enabling next-generation medicines and cures. We transform healthcare with AI and data

Our Augmented Intelligence-powered Life Sciences Platform provides solutions to discover and develop safer and more successful medicines for patients

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Drug Discovery and Development

We harness proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide unprecedented causal insights from the global data universe comprising Life Sciences, human data and real world data. These causal insights capture the biological complexity of diseases and deliver therapeutic strategies to enable treatment of incurable diseases and transform development of effective medicines.
Our proprietary capabilities in Life Science Language Processing™ and Computer Vision contextualize multimodal data, discover non-obvious connections, and accelerate development of drugs and therapies from early stage drug discovery to commercialization irrespective of therapeutic area and modality.

Our Offerings

Enabling all stages of a drug’s life cycle.

Ontosight® Platform

In an era of global transformation, where scientific knowledge, human data and AI/ML shape the future of drug discovery and healthcare, our Ontosight® solutions support all stages of drug development from ideation to market. Ontosight® modules offer an unbiased, holistic and integrated approach to discover and develop medicines and therapies independent of therapeutic area, indication and modality.
1.1 Network of biological entities
1.2 Differentially expressed candidate bio-markers
1.1 Network of biological entities
1.1 Network of biological entities
1.2 Differentially expressed candidate bio-markers
1.2 Differentially expressed candidate bio-markers
1.1 Network of biological entities
1.2 Differentially expressed candidate bio-markers

Search & Explore

Scientific knowledge aggregation and mining platform that facilitates searching, screening and synthesizing information from all relevant, globally available sources of biomedical knowledge covering all life sciences disciplines. Visualize ‘never-thought-to-be-linked’ biological entities and pathophysiological concepts that underlie complex diseases to identify the Achilles’ heel of disease and build a tailored therapeutic strategy. Track over 23+ million researchers, investigators, and key opinion leaders (KOLs) globally.


Clean, structure, consolidate and combine diversified and disparate datasets from various public, enterprise, third-party and other siloed sources to enable integrative data analysis. Automated analytics of developing and scaling data environments with tailored and intuitive visualization that enables decision-making.

Amrit Ecosystem

Enabling Decentralized Science for equitable and efficient healthcare by leveraging AI and Blockchain technologies.

Hospitals and Patients

Receive tokens for providing data, can donate tokens, can buy in-app services with tokens, e.g. second opinion, digital therapeutics

Pharma & Academic Institutes

Run surveys using tokens, pay tokens for participation, license data in and out


Can buy tokens on the secondary exchange and profit from the value increase

Regulators & PAGs

Receive donations, facilitate discovery and other programs for patients
2.1 Hospital Dashboard
2.2 CT Recruitment
2.3 Patient App


Deep Collaboration with Pharma and Biotech partners to resolve bottlnecks in iterative milestones
Patented AI Technology, Crawls and Analyzing data
Robust Medical Validation and enterprise level security by Subject matter experts.
3 Our comprehensive patent portfolio

Our Technology



structured information from unstructured webpages, PDFs, images, internal databases


up to 10 billion web pages per day in real-time


95 % of the world wide web and identified relevant pages such as literature, experimental data.


to incentivize data exchange, integrating proprietary data


IP claims on an immutable ledger

learning allows

data privacy and access to multiple sources