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Our Approach / Our Technology / Security


Engagement Model

Platform Licensing

Data resolution integration from public, enterprise, and third party sources as well as dashboard setups/customization

Professional/Managed services

Virtual drug discovery and development engine answering key questions across the life-cycle of a drug as individual projects.

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Data resolution integration from public, enterprise and third party sources as well as dashboard setupls/ customization.

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Data resolution integration from public, enterprise and third party sources as well as dashboard setupls/ customization.

Validation & Quality Assurance

Data Ingestion & Collation
Fully automated with AI algorithms and verified monthly

Hypothesis Generation
Largely automated with AI algorithms and sanity tested by experts

Final Outcome / Deliverable
Largely manually validated by medical experts under the guidance of CMO/CSO

Our Technology

Network Analysis

Modeling and persisting (storing) the entire data set as a network in a graph database. Multigraph with networks from different asset classes as layers. Large scale network analysis to find key insights in real time.

Ontology – Life-Science-Language-Processing

Mapping all discoverable concepts from content of all major data sources in the base ontology. Connecting observations from curated sources and literature. Self-learning unseen concepts validated by random checks.


Smart contract system for searching unpublished data and making transactions. Real-time valuation of unpublished data through AI. TruAgent™ enables integration of confidential data in a secured way.
60+ Patents
130+ Filed

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Machine Learning & AI

Tapping the wealth of unstructured data from internal and external sources. Understanding domain-specific contextual information (e.g., our life sciences language processing™ engine). Building reasoning systems to serve the intent of user queries.

Computer Vision

Leverages image processing to classify and extract relevant info from PDF and image files. Enhanced OCR to handle ambiguous and special characters with higher precision. Understands page layout and structure in the same way as humans do.

Entity Normalization

Resolving entities from disparate sources covering name variations and degeneration. Increasing the precision to discover entities even with sparse metadata. Leveraging crawled data to improve normalization.


We follow the highest standards of security on a globab scale.

ISO 27001


GDPR Compliant 27001

Information security norms validated by > 5 large pharma and several CROs and Biotech
Access in Proxy Server maintained via public / private key infrastructure
Proxy Server-based Database access (even to applications)
Private IPs never disclosed to outside world
Virtual Private Clouds for restricted instance (no peer access)
Two Stage Authentication
No Remote Database Access (all ports blocked)
Data in database encrypted, decryption occur only in run-time applications