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Innoplexus supports the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information

In late 90s, internet solved the problem of data access. Then came the explosion of data with the web search and social media. Necessity to find relevant data & analyse it in specific context gave birth to the new field of science, the data sciences. The inter-disciplinary fields spans software development, data persistence & warehousing, advanced mathematics & statistics and artificial intelligence, making it difficult to learn for not only beginners but also people with years of experience.

Innoplexus develops cutting-edge technology products and solutions based on Information Retrieval, Network Analysis, Computer Vision and Ontologies. The interface between linguistics, logic and computation, with special emphasis on human linguistic and cognitive ability is their core business just as the focus of study of the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI).

To that end, Innoplexus whole-hearily supports the initiative of ESSLLI organized by the Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI). The conference is held over two weeks of the European Summer and offers about 50 courses at introductory and advanced levels. It attracts around 500 participants from all over the world.

The European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information is an event organized every year in a different European country. This year the program is being hosted in Bulgaria from 6-17 August 2018 by Sofia University and the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IICT-BAS), supported by the Association for Computational Linguistics.

Innoplexus is proud to be a Gold sponsor of ESSLLI 2018, together with the other sponsors including CLARIN, Association for Symbolic Logic, Ontotext, Springer, Lenovo, European Mathematical Society, Facebook AI research, etc.

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