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Mar 24

Partex NV announces collaboration with Althea DRF Lifesciences to provide comprehensive end-to-end services to accelerate drug discovery and development

Frankfurt, Germany; 28 March 2024 – Partex Group, a pioneer in AI-driven drug discovery, announces a collaboration with Althea DRF...
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Mar 24

Innovative AI technology in oncology: Partex Group presents results from a pilot project

During the German Cancer Congress 2024 in Berlin, the companies Innoplexus AG /Amrit AG, companies of Partex N.V., presented the...
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Innoplexus wins Horizon Interactive Gold Award for Curia App

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Parexel and Innoplexus Unveil Single Source of COVID-19 Information for Researchers, Sponsors and Patients During the Pandemic

COVID-19 Clearinghouse enables direct access to latest COVID-19 datasets, publications, research and clinical trials

BOSTON and DURHAM, N.C. and ESCHBORN, Germany, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Parexel, a leading provider of solutions to accelerate the development and delivery of innovative new therapies to market to improve world health, from Clinical through Commercialization, in collaboration with Innoplexus, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) analytics, today launched the COVID-19 Clearinghouse, a comprehensive online resource for patients, researchers and clinical trial sponsors to directly access publications, datasets, links to active global clinical trials and current news related to COVID-19.

Parexel and Innoplexus created the COVID-19 Clearinghouse as a single, virtual location to access current and credibly sourced COVID-19 information. While the clearinghouse is accessible to anyone seeking information related to COVID-19 — from patients and physicians to regulators and sponsors — researchers will benefit from a consolidated repository of information as they seek to leverage verified data points to develop new therapies and approaches to respond to the pandemic.

“Parexel is harnessing the power of data to help our industry solve the toughest of challenges during this unprecedented time,” said Michelle Hoiseth, Chief Data Officer for Parexel. “Leveraging Innoplexus’ technology, our Scientific Data organization has automated the collection and organization of COVID data points pulled from thousands of structured and unstructured datasets, publications, clinical trials and news sources that are deemed credible and reliable from a scientific perspective. Our objective is to help researchers, sponsors and patients overcome barriers to accessing accurate data about the pandemic. We are focused on informing important decisions on the path to a solution for this global health crisis.”

Provided as a service to the industry, the COVID-19 Clearinghouse incorporates information from 100+ different geographies providing access to 22,853 datasets, 65,602 publications, 5,173 clinical trials and the latest 229,738 relevant news articles. This corpus is updated in real-time to capture the latest research activity around the globe.

“Innoplexus is transforming drug discovery and development with its largest AI@scale platform,” said Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Innoplexus. “Partnering with Parexel to enable the fight against COVID shows our commitment yet again to use our resources effectively and speedily to win against this global pandemic.”

“In the days of information overload, a hub of key sources like the COVID Clearinghouse is critically important to stay up-to-date and inform decision-making,” noted Andy Weymann, M.D., MBA, Founder, CEVLA.

About Innoplexus

Innoplexus is a leading global AI-based platform for drug discovery and development with over 250 employees and 120+ patent applications including 19 grants in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technologies. Innoplexus’ solutions can generate real-time insights from hundreds of terabytes of structured and unstructured private and public data, thereby facilitating continuous, informed decision-making for its customer base at an unprecedented speed. Founded in 2015, Innoplexus AG is headquartered in Eschborn, Germany, with offices in Pune, India, as well as Iselin, and San Francisco, United States.

Originally published on GlobeNewswire.

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Strategic partnership announcement: Innoplexus holding company Partex NV is pleased to announce a one-of-its-kind collaboration with Anavex Life science corp. for Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled drug development and healthcare sales marketing

Strategic partnership announcement: Innoplexus holding company Partex NV is pleased

Exciting News! Anavex Life Sciences and Partex NV Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Patient Experience. Anavex Life Sciences Corp. and Partex NV N.V. Group are pleased to announce…