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Blockchain and AI-based Platform iPlexus to Revolutionize Drug Discovery

Innoplexus AG announced a revolutionary update is coming soon to their iPlexus platform that will harness the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to weed out wastefulness in early-stage drug discovery. iPlexus is a one-stop deep data ocean of relevant information for the pharmaceutical industry. It uses the power of Blockchain and AI to revolutionize the drug discovery and research process.

Co-founder and CEO of Innoplexus AG, Gunjan Bhardwaj, explained more about their vision for the new iPlexus, “Our mission at Innoplexus is to democratize the drug discovery process. We believe that cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain are the key to making this possible. After over 6 months of research, we believe that the new iPlexus is a major step forward for the preclinical trial industry and will solve many of the problems that are slowing the industry down. By overcoming these challenges, we will make drug discovery more efficient and bring down the consumer price of drugs.”

The launch date is scheduled for June 30, 2018. Blockchain and AI-based iPlexus intends to overcome data silos to make drug discovery more efficient. iPlexus will help in intelligence and insights throughout pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial phases of drug development in a quick, crisp and summarized snapshot with various profound dive opportunities.

The platform has the potential to bolster the healthcare system through practical innovation acceleration and equal opportunities. It would incentivize smaller researchers to share even failed experimental data. Data enrichment would, in turn, lead to data innovation and the innovation dynamics would be beneficial for the patients.

The original article was published on BCFocus.

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