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The Convergence of BIG DATA and Machine Learning

Meet Sunil Patel, Data Scientist, Innoplexus at Intel AI Pune Meetup “The Convergence of BIG DATA and Machine Learning”. Sunil will be talking about

“Representing Language Mathematically”

AI Meetup to explore AI technologies ranging from the Intel® AI DevCloud to popular frameworks and tools.
Lightning talks, Great content from Industry speakers, Enhance your skills on ML/DL along with Big Data techniques to be applied for Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, Text to Speech, NLP etc. Learn more from Intel Student Ambassador & Innovators on their research projects with Intel® AI DevCloud.

Event Date: Saturday, December 15, 2018
Time: 9:30am – 14:00 pm
Venue: Navalmal Firodia Seminar Hall MCCIA Senapati Bapat Road, Pune

Innoplexus at Intel AI Pune Meetup “The Convergence of BIG DATA and Machine Learning”

Sunil Patel
Data Scientist – Deep Learning


(09:00 AM) – Registration
(09:30 AM) – Welcome & Introduction by Analytics Vidhya
(09:45 AM) – Introduction by Intel followed by Keynote session on ” The Convergence of Big Data and Machine Learning ” – Sachin Kelkar
(10:30 AM) – Quantum Computing and its impact on Quantum Machine Learning by Dr. Mandaar Pande
(11:15 AM) – Tea Break
(11:30 AM) – Mathematical Representation of the Language by Sunil Patel
(12:15 PM) – Intel Case study presented by Sumedh Pendurkar
(12:45 PM) – Machine Learning Model in Production by Prathamesh Sarang
(01:30 PM) – Lunch & Networking (Closing)

The original event was published on Analytics Vidhya.