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DataHack Summit 2018 – Where Humans meet Artificial Intelligence

Meet Gaurav Tripathi, CTO and Founder of Innoplexus, at India’s most advanced conference on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and IOT organized by Analytics Vidhya. Gaurav will talk about

“AI in Drug Development”

This event will bring together people, machines & their collaborative intelligence. World-class AI practitioners, AI thought leaders, IOT experts, chief data scientists, data officers, researchers, machine learning engineers, technology evangelists, & data hackers will come together to tackle the toughest data-related issues of global organizations.

When: The DataHack Summit 22-25 November 2018
Gaurav Tripathi will be a speaker at the first day (22 November 2018)

Where: Nimhans Convention Center, Bengaluru

Meet CTO Innoplexus at DataHack Summit 2018


Gaurav Tripathi
CTO – Innoplexus