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May 24

Partex and Singapore’s Experimental Drug Development Centre collaborate to bring forward an innovative approach for early drug discovery and development

Frankfurt, Germany, 3rd June 2024, 9am CET Partex, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, is thrilled...
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Apr 24

Partex Partners with Lupin to Revolutionize Drug Discovery through AI-Driven Asset Search and Evaluation

Frankfurt, Germany, 23 April 2024 – Partex, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, is thrilled to...
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Innoplexus wins Horizon Interactive Gold Award for Curia App

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What is Ontosight Explore?

Ontosight is a discovery platform that leverages proprietary artificial intelligence technologies to generate continuous insights for life sciences. Ontosight Explore is a module of the platform that enables exploration, identification, and building of various direct and indirect connections between drugs, targets, pathways, and diseases.

Evidence-based network assists in the search of potential drugs and targets for a given disease. It helps in identification of strong and weak associations, prediction of potential drugs and targets for diseases of interest, and deep-diving to obtain granular scientific information to accelerate drug discovery along with significantly reduced time and cost spent on research and experimental studies.

What is the advantage of using this module?

Ontosight Explore can be leveraged in the following ways:

Observe associations: Understand the interconnectedness of biological systems with regard to their search term, which can be a gene, target/protein, pathway, or disease.

Target validation: Identify all known pathways through which a given disease operates along with all of the proteins involved in those pathways which might present an opportunity for inhibition.

Drug repurposing: Identify closely associated therapeutic areas and their corresponding drugs, which might indicate that these drugs may be able to inhibit a common pathway between the two indications. Rank associations to prioritize assets based on their commonality/association, as well as their druggability and druglikeness.

Discover indirect/unknown connections: Easily find associations which are two degrees of separation away, which will help bypass the intermediary common entity to link a disease to a drug, a target to a drug, or a disease to a target directly.

What are the use cases of the module?

  • Explore various direct and in-direct connections/known and unknown associations, and identify alternative entities and accelerate your drug discovery process to associated compounds and targets assisting in search of potential drugs and targets.
  • Identify potential targets for a given pathway to treat specific diseases, or identify suitable therapeutic targets based on druggability, biological experiment & competitive intelligence
  • Save blockbuster drugs to become generic by identifying new purposes, i.e. identification of new drug-alternative indication for any given drug based on the clinical data and network modularity
  • Identify diseases where a drug has the potential to treat, or identify similar/analogue drugs for any given diseases which could be further prioritized based on druglikeness score
  • Prioritize the drugs based on the adverse effects and toxicity effects
  • Significantly reduce preclinical study time and cost

What is the data coverage of Ontosight Explore?

Ontosight Explore has data from 1M theses and dissertations, 35 M publications, 580 K clinical trials, 3 M congress articles, 20 M researchers & physicians, 6 K regulatory updates, 5 M grants etc. The tool also leverages associations between 300 K diseases, over 2 M chemical & drugs, 9 M genes and 500 K proteins etc.

Can I identify targets with Explore? How?

Yes. Identification of novel targets in Ontosight Explore is possible by searching for a particular disease or drug. Results can be filtered based on the “target classes” such as GPCR, Enzymes, Transporters etc. and based on the structure availability on Protein DataBank (PDB). Target prioritization can be done using druggability equalizer which leverages a number of parameters such as experimental structure of protein availability, number of antibody tasted, associated biomarkers, number of approved drugs, transmembrane helix etc. Moreover, one can view underlying documentation from publications, clinical trials, congresses, patents, etc. for validation of the association.

Can the tool help in drug repurposing?

Yes. Ontosight Explore helps to identify non-obvious connections which are basically those associations where there’s an opportunity to repurpose the drug for identified indication. The tool allows deep-dive into various underlying documentation from publications, clinical trials, congresses, patents, etc. to validate this association.

How are connections made? What data assets underpin the connections?

Ontosight Explore connects data assets by tagging biomedical concepts, which are then normalized, disambiguated for most specific class or type of concepts and then connected together using Innoplexus’s proprietary self-learning biomedical ontology. This network consists of data aggregated from hundreds of public databases containing literature, biological pathway data, chemical information, gene data, clinical trials, patents, etc. that together create the holistic “knowledge graph.” These data sources are all updated in near real-time and represent the most up-to-date scientific understanding.

What makes this tool different from other network platforms?

Whereas similar platforms can provide similar network visualizations of scientific knowledge, Innoplexus stands alone in its ability to correctly normalize / disambiguate concepts through our industry-leading self-learning life sciences ontology. This ensures that drugs associated with Colony Stimulating Factor (CSF) are not misassociated with Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), for example, or that the diseases/targets/pathways associated with Lipitor and Atorvastatin are the same.

Is Ontosight Explore free or paid?

Ontosight Explore is a subscription-based platform. If you are interested in identifying novel/potential targets for any given indication and drug, or in drug discovery, feel free to contact Innoplexus to set up a demo and quote.

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