Transforming data into insights

Our innovation-led technology development resulted in 95+ filed patents


Smart contract system for searching unpublished data and making transactions. Real-time valuation of unpublished data through AI. TruAgent™ enables integration of confidential data in a secured way.

Computer Vision

Leverages image processing to classify and extract relevant info from PDF and image files. Enhanced OCR to handle ambiguous and special characters with higher precision. Understands page layout and structure in the same way as humans do.

Entity Normalization

Resolving entities from disparate sources covering name variations and degeneration. Increasing the precision to discover entities even with sparse metadata. Leveraging crawled data to improve normalization.

Machine Learning & AI

Tapping the wealth of unstructured data from internal and external sources. Understanding domain-specific contextual information (e.g., our life sciences language processing™ engine). Building reasoning system to serve intent of user queries.


Mapping all discoverable concepts from content of all major data sources in the base ontology. Connecting observations from curated sources and literature. Self-learning unseen concepts validated by random checks.

Network Analysis

Modelling and persisting (storing) the entire data set as a network in a graph database. Multigraph with networks from different asset classes as layers. Large scale network analysis to find key insights in real time.

Our proprietary CAAVTM framework enables real-time insights

Innoplexus’s platform architecture utilizes the CAAVTM framework, which deploys machine learning to crawl, aggregate, analyze, and visualize life sciences big data, thereby, enriching and expediting decision-making in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

Crawl: Collecting structured and unstructured data

Our proprietary machine learning-enabled universal crawler crawls the entirety of the life sciences public domain, extracts the relevant data, and integrates any new data into our biomedical ontology and data ocean in real time.

Aggregate: Making data ready for analysis

Encrypted integration with enterprise data and semistructuring of aggregated data is achieved using AI technologies. Computer vision, image recognition, and deep–learning techniques help in extracting useful information from PDFs and other documents.

Analyze: Generating insights and reports

We use powerful machine learning–based data analytics to remove text ambiguity and interpret relationships between concepts. Our ontology maps these related concepts and our advanced network analytics enable network visualization and concept-based searches to deliver the most relevant information for the concept of interest.

Visualize: Presenting the results in an intuitive interface

With interactive visualizations across web and mobile platforms, we make discovery of hidden trends easier and more productive. This helps organizations to generate insights that drive important business decisions.

Achieve greater efficiency with our leading-edge solutions

Blockchain as a Service

Our Blockchain as a Service offering creates ecosystems for companies to securely exchange data as partners. It can also create a marketplace for data exchanges.

Ontology as a Service

Innoplexus’s Ontology as a Service (OaaS) API gives users access to the world’s largest self-learning life sciences–specific ontology, comprising 31M+ biomedical concepts and terms.

Enterprise Data Centralization & Analytics

Enterprise data centralization enabled by Innoplexus’s technologies and data security with proprietary TruAgentTM.

Technology Partners

Leveraging AI at every stage of the data pipeline

World’s first vertically integrated data ecosystem

Applications leveraging reinforcement learning, machine learning, and deep learning for drug discovery, clinical trial comparison, regulatory insights, and information discovery and retrieval.

Deep learning–based text analytics, computer vision to extract, aggregate, and interpret information accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs. Unique deep sentiment analysis engine for biomedical.

Most comprehensive, connected, and automated ontology for life sciences. NLP and context-dependent data retrieval to enable self-learning ontology, maintained in graph databases.

World’s largest data repository for life sciences – petabytes scale; storage supported by Cloudera data platform. Specific topical crawling engine leveraging AI for information extraction.

We follow the highest global security standards

  • Data lake on cloud
  • Two-stage authentication of servers
  • No remote db access – all ports blocked
  • Data in db encrypted – decrypted only run-time by applications
  • Virtual Private Clouds (restricted instances) – no access to peer
  • Private IPs never disclosed to outside world
  • Proxy server based db access (even to the applications)
  • Access in proxy server maintained via public – private key infra

Cyber Security

  • Real-time monitoring with ELK
  • No personal device policy (all drives closed)
  • At par with ISO 27001
  • Continuous monitoring and alerts on every hardware
  • Regular internal audits

Enterprise Data

  • Connection to client’s enterprise data store through
    IPSec tunnel (secured one-to-one communication)
  • Even backup is encrypted
  • Entire source code maintained on private Git


  • GDPR ready
  • Pseudonymization
  • Privacy by design

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