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Drug Repurposing

Drug repurposing - Andreas Hochheimer

Discovering novel uses for existing drugs through drug repurposing can cut down the time and costs, and at the same time reduce the risk of failure associated with the development of new therapeutics. At Innoplexus we harness our AI/machine learning capabilities and corporate assets to identify and validate drug repurposing candidates at an unprecedented scale and depth in a modality-independent fashion. We integrate all relevant data from publicly available as well as proprietary resources to comprehensively assess approved drugs for their therapeutic utility and market potential in other indications. Repurposing existing drugs can decrease the cost and shorten drug development processes because many of the preclinical and clinical safety studies have already been completed before and after market approval. Drug repurposing can also improve the success rate of drug development because marketed drugs often have well-characterized safety and efficacy profiles across geographies and stratified patient cohorts. Such advantages are honored by regulatory authorities with shortened and expedited drug approval processes. At Innoplexus we tighten up the data-driven safety even further by validating drug repurposing candidates with AI-tailored predictive biomarkers to track the efficacy of repurposed therapeutics and with our AI-powered clinical trial prediction tool.