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Innoplexus harnesses proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide deeper and real-time insights into the Life Sciences data universe. We use natural language processing and computer vision to understand data, make connections, and accelerate drug development from drug discovery to commercialization.

Accelerate drug development & empower data analytics

Drug Discovery

Connect public, enterprise, and third-party data to generate real-time insights and novel hypothesis


Streamline clinical trial design and optimize site selection


Improve decision-making by strategically leveraging internal and third-party data


Accelerate processes with access to real-time insights

Our data ocean covers 95% of the world wide web

We cover 95% of world wide web allowing our clients to access structured and unstructured, publicly available data from various sources to enable data enrichment and real-time continuous analytics using our life sciences ontology.








Congress Articles


Theses & Dissertations


Clinical Trials


Chemicals & Drugs



We help you integrate enterprise data, maintaining high security standards, into a custom life-sciences data ocean. The Data stored through IPSec tunnel and even the backup is encrypted. The entire source code is maintained on private Git.



Multiple Sites

Different Platforms

Innoplexus can enter into third-party agreements with data providers to centralize data assets already available at an enterprise level for enabling organizations to generate useful insights and increase the efficiency of major business decisions.

Market Data

Trial Data



Use-case specific, real-time analytics

Continuously-updating pipeline prioritization platform

  • Biological Validation: Identifying and validating potential uses of target, pathway, disease and drug candidates
  • Clinical Trial Valuation: Estimating costs of clinical trials and likelihood of success
  • Commercial Evaluation: Monitoring competitors and determining commercial opportunity

Identifying opportunities for drug development

  • Identifying new opportunities for assets languishing on-the-shelf or approved drugs
  • Gaining insights into pathways that can be targeted with already developed mechanisms of action

Accelerating & validate lead identification for drug design

  • Identifying efficacious drug candidates with real-world evidence and chemical descriptors
  • Reducing the cost and time of the demanding lead identification process
  • Providing access to the largest chemical library for QSAR

DaaS APIs to power enterprise artificial intelligence

  • Finding most recent literature from congresses, presentation, clinical trials etc. based on indication and top pathways & targets being studied
  • Identifying competing drugs and drugs’ details such as pathway, targets, sponsors etc.
  • Finding top investigators, ideal sites, and optimal design parameters for clinical trials

Understanding patient sentiment in real-time

  • Comparing share of voice against competitors across multiple dimensions
  • Analyzing trend momentum of social sentiments, positive, and negative sentiments share
  • Gaining insights from social and clinical media around Therapeutic Area (TA), indications, and different drugs

Identifying key opinion leaders for engagement

  • Identifying top & emerging KOLs by archetypes- thought leader, scientific, speaker, commercial
  • Discovering the right set of Investigators for your planned clinical trial
  • Getting comprehensive view into highly influential KOLs, their activities, and associations

Identify trial sites & patient enrollment across various parameters

  • Evaluating trial sites based on a client-specific filter system
  • Identifying & segmenting KOLs across asset classes and involvement
  • Integrating third-party and enterprise data to gain unique insights


  • Centralizing clinical, medical, commercial, and regulatory information in a single dashboard
  • Monitoring competitor activities and benchmarking performance against theirs
  • Providing real-time regulatory insights and changes in clinical guidelines

Accelerating target identification for drug design

  • Identifying optimal targets based on efficacy, safety, clinical and commercial requirements
  • Narrowing target selection by using in-silico validation
  • Validating targets based on data of scientific literature

Generate better insights with cutting-edge technologies


We help in unlocking data silos and unpublished data in a secure way

Computer Vision

We extract relevant life sciences information from PDFs and other documents

Entity Normalization

We reduce error percentage of missing entities resulting from wrong spellings and synonyms

Machine Learning & AI

We achieve integration with enterprise data and enrichment with public data using AI & ML


Our self-learning life sciences ontology is build using over 31 million biomedical terms

Network Analysis

We help to discover unknown biological connections, and visualize them through interactive graphs

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