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Ontosight® Influence is an AI-based, one-stop solution for identifying and managing top and emerging key opinion leaders (KOLs) across the entire drug discovery and development value chain, from the preclinical phase to postlaunch support. How do you find the right KOLs online in your therapeutic area of interest. How do you know which KOL can help in research and clinical development of your drug? Are top KOLs your best bet or is an emerging KOL the key to reach your target audience? Find solutions to your KOL dilemmas with our KOL discovery and management engine.

Ontosight® Influence: AI-Based engine for discovery of key opinion leaders worldwide

Ontosight® Influence leverages artificial intelligence for real-time discovery, management, and network analysis of knowledgeable specialists throughout all therapeutic areas.

The AI-based engine automatically identifies and ranks KOLs based on information drawn from Innoplexus’s integrated and continuously updated data ocean. Millions of data points from various sources such as publications, congresses, clinical trials, societies, health technology assessments (HTAs), regulatory bodies, advocacy groups, and much more are cleaned and normalized to form the basis for KOL prioritization. The adjustable scoring equalizer enables the user to weigh these asset classes to map KOLs to specific business needs.

Ontosight® Influence is designed to always provide up-to-date, relevant information and insights on KOLs, their importance, and their connections in a given therapeutic area.

Speed up your research process and get in touch with relevant KOLs to elevate not only your research quality but also your company’s roadmap.

Real-time insights from millions of data points

Most comprehensive author database

Identification of highly influential KOLs

Customizable KOL scoring logic

Segmentation of KOLs into archetypes

Centralization of KOL engagement opportunities

Case studies & capabilities

Identifying key opinion leaders for engagement

  • Identifying top & emerging KOLs by archetypes- thought leader, scientific, speaker, commercial
  • Discovering the right set of Investigators for your planned clinical trial
  • Getting comprehensive view into highly influential KOLs, their activities, and associations

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