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Ontosight® Explore: The pre-clinical drug discovery ecosystem

Ontosight® Explore enables the exploration, detection and building of various direct and in-direct connections between drug, target, pathway and disease. We leverage a biological network model using enhanced natural language processing, statistical scoring approach and entity normalization. Our self learning, life science ontology, has more than 20 million concepts and terms and brings together more than 1 trillion data connections. That’s relevant power at your fingertips!

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Accelerate your pre-clinical studies and drug discovery areas based on AI

Target identification

It provides potential targets available in the same target family. These targets are present in their associated pathways, which may have less competition but higher druggability and association score.

Understanding disease mechanism

It provides multiomics data integrated with various biological pathways. It helps you understand the complexity of diseases and identify associated diseases and targets.

Lead compound identification

It provides a better opportunity to identify similar/analogue drugs/ chemicals for any given diseases which could be further prioritized based on drug-likeness score adverse effects and toxicity effects.

Drug repositioning

It empowers users to identify prediction of new drugs or alternative indications for any given drugs based on the clinical data and network modularity wherein it may exert a better efficacy with less competitive drugs.

Ontosight® Explore understands the language of biological networks

Ontosight® Explore is based on an integrated ontology for life sciences that relates all the biological entities empowering end users derive deep insights. Our in-house ontology includes more than 20 million concepts and terms. This is by far, the largest available, self learning ontology, available for the life sciences. With this, we can identify and classify drug, disease, targets, and pathways all visualized for you to dive deeper for further insights.

Network model

Network organization of drug, disease, target, and pathways based on pre-set parameters.

Direct connection

Various associated pathways based on scientific literature and degree of closeness.

Pathway card

Associated information for the approved drugs, diseases, pathway, potential drug, etc.

Analysis target associated path

A quick landscape on associated drugs covering, market status, clinical trials etc.

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