Revolutionize your drug discovery process

Faster research & discovery for real-time insights

Ontosight® Discover – a one stop solution for all relevant information within the pharmaceutical industry. The AI and blockchain powered discovery engine connects trillions of data points to accelerate your drug discovery and research process. You get real-time data insights on a fingertip for empowered, inspired & faster decisions.

Automate up to 80% of your data intelligence work

Our technology enables researchers to have all crawlable online published data at their fingertips and to easily visualize connections between closely and distantly related entities, thus driving insights faster.

Ontosight® Discover: AI-based discovery engine for real-time insights

Ontosight® Discover is an innovative and intuitive semantic discovery platform which understands biomedical concepts and allows you to see relevant results in context across multiple data sources like publications, clinical trials, congresses, theses, patents and much more – all in one place and real time.

With Ontosight® Discover you generate intelligence and insights across preclinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial phases of drug development in a quick, crisp, and summarized snapshot with various deep dive opportunities. You can discover the most pertinent proteins, drugs, diseases, genes, and also establish relations between any biomedical entities.

Ontosight® Discover is designed to enrich and speed up research processes and decision-making in the pharmaceutical and life science industry – with automated updating, the user gets real time updates and notifications.

It helps you make informed and data-backed decisions.

Largest life science data ocean discovery engine

The AI-powered discovery engine has access to a data ocean covering 95% of the world wide web. Leverage data from structured and unstructured public sources to allow easy and intuitively visualized insights.

You can integrate enterprise data into a custom life sciences data ocean. High security standards granted. The data stored through IPSec tunnel is encrypted, and so is the backup. The complete source code is maintained on private Git.

Innoplexus can enter into third-party agreements with data providers to centralize data assets already available at an enterprise level for enabling organizations to generate the full insights and increase efficiency.

Your benefits from Ontosight® Discover

Relevant results

Concept-based search to facilitate relevant in-context results

  • Automatically includes keyword+synonyms for all biomedical search queries
  • Browse extensive data for biomedical terms with regard to preclinical and clinical research
  • Visualize real time comprehensive data on latest and relevant scientific literature for drug development across 8 asset classes

Real-time insights

Detailed insights for specific search query with specialized modules

  • Discover relationship networks between entities for drug target, multiple drugs comparison view
  • Identify important guidelines that apply to a particular therapeutic area, or drugs of interest
  • Identify clinical experts, their network of influence to study trials performed on targeted indications and drugs

Drug development

Leveraging the biggest life sciences data ocean at every step

  • Validate research experiments with biomedical literature from valid sources
  • Augment preclinical & clinical studies by identifying pathways, proteins, genes, drug targets across a range of indications
  • Get updates on regulatory approval status of drugs, get alerts for new treatment guidelines, and track competitors

How does the blockchain technology integration improve research results?

Strengthening the health care system through practical innovation acceleration and equal opportunities

  • Incentives also for smaller researchers to share even failed experimental data
  • Data enrichment to accelerate innovation, taking data protection into account
  • Increased innovation dynamics for the benefit of the patient

Performance-oriented, objective promoting of research work

  • Secured authorship makes it easier to share even unpublished data
  • Increased innovation efficiency and intelligence due to advanced knowledge base
  • Financing by providing self-failed experimental data

Shorter discovery cycles and cost savings for the life science industry

  • Wider knowledge base through insights into unpublished experiments
  • Insights into the current trend of research and development
  • Cost and time savings through acquisition of results of experiments already performed

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Will blockchain be the next frontier for drug discovery?

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