Empower your data analytics with APIs

Relevant data at the fingertips of your analysts

Our Data as a Service (DaaS) APIs provides access to a data ocean covering 95% of the world wide web. Complex data is automatically cleaned and structured to accelerate insights and empower decision-making. With our DaaS APIs your teams can concentrate on interpreting insights, aligning goals, and making faster decisions.

Extract actionable insights from complex data

Why Innoplexus DaaS?

Data is at the heart of every organization. Every day, 16 trillion megabytes of data are created. This includes an avalanche of structured and unstructured, disconnected information. Data and analytics teams spend 80% of time collecting, cleaning, and organizing ahead of broader analysis. This is a huge challenge!

Innoplexus DaaS is fundamentally transforming how data intelligence and analytics are generated and consumed. We make data and insights available everywhere, every time.

Access to the biggest life science data ocean

Real-time insights

• Continuous and seamless updatability
• Embeddable with enterprise contents

Adjustable architecture

• Scalable for big data architecture
• Custom build applications

Safety first

• Secure data extraction
• Encrypted communications

Full price transparency

• Pay-per-use
• No maintenance costs

Get DaaS support to focus on impactful decisions

Simplified process resulting in more efficiency

Substantially low costs plus increased revenue

Better compliance and risk management

Accelerate data exchange and interoperability

Case studies & capabilities

DaaS APIs to power enterprise artificial intelligence

  • Finding most recent literature from congresses, presentation, clinical trials etc. based on indication and top pathways & targets being studied
  • Identifying competing drugs and drugs’ details such as pathway, targets, sponsors etc.
  • Finding top investigators, ideal sites, and optimal design parameters for clinical trials

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