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Ontosight® Influence: Identify and engage KOL across archetypes

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Maintaining a competitive edge requires clear communication between regulatory, commercial and R&D, which is a challenge given the variety of data formats and silos. Innoplexus can help to normalize disparate data sets and streamline communications. Innoplexus leverages network analysis, entity normalization, and computer vision to automatically collect information and display it via a customized dashboard or directly feed into existing formats via an API feed. Using Innoplexus’ technology, Commercial, Marketing, Digital Innovation, Marketing Intelligence, Market Access, and Sales teams can define the best go to market strategy identifying market opportunities and therefore increase their ROI.

Innoplexus’ AI–powered solutions

Access untapped KOL networks based on customized metrics such as therapeutic area and disease subtypes, location, publications, and more. Innoplexus categorizes KOLs into 4 distinct categories: Commercial, Clinical, Thought-Leaders, and Public Speaker.

Compare share of voice against competitors across multiple dimensions and understand positive and negative sentiments. Identify hot topics and weak signals around client products and competitors from both physicians and patients to generate insights for SWOT analysis and to improve product positioning.

Leverage insights with triangulated prescription, KOL, facility type, and epidemiological data providing a real-time insights dashboard to strategize field force targeting.

Understand competitor dynamics based on patent trends and gain insight into potential areas for competitive advantage.

Case studies & capabilities

Commercial & Business Intelligence Dashboard

  • Centralizing clinical, medical, commercial, and regulatory information in a single dashboard
  • Monitoring competitor activities and benchmarking performance against theirs
  • Providing real-time regulatory insights and changes in clinical guidelines

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