Accelerate biomarker discovery

Identify the biomarkers best suited for your needs

Diagnose rare or ambiguous diseases

Group patients by endotype response for prognosis

Assess disease etiology to determine responsive patient group

Precise, fast, and cost-effective biomarker identification

Patent-pending technologies

Public biomarker data can be analyzed and combined with enterprise data to gain new insights. This is enabled by our patent-pending technologies that normalize and understand the language of life science.

AI-enabled algorithms

AI-enabled algorithms generate unbiased sets of hypotheses for potential biomarkers or combinations testing all possible scenarios.

Extensive biological validation

Extensive biological multigraph-based scientific validation over public knowledge is deployed to ensure high biomarker prediction accuracy while removing false positives.

Continuous intuitive interface

Continuous intuitive interface transparently visualizes interpretation of AI output with relevant network and provenances from public literature.

Biomarkers play a key role in drug discovery

  • Of all drugs approved by the FDA in 2017, 41% were associated with biomarkers, and the biomarker discovery market is still growing [IQVIA institute report. 2019]
  • In contrast to other drugs in development, biomarkers focused on treating cancer have seen slow progress in the last 30 years [Diamandis EP, BMC Med. 2012]
  • It is unacceptably easy to publish “statistically significant” evidence, which makes it hard to identify crucial results in research [Simmons et al, Psychol Sci. 2011]

Life sciences data, coupled with Innoplexus’s AI and data analytics solutions, can help researchers accurately pinpoint novel biomarkers. Our proprietary technology provides deep-dive insights to predict biomarker response in a disease model or along pathways.

The biomarker identification engine serves various stakeholders

Pharmaceutical companies

Increase the likelihood of regulatory approval by predicting biomarker response.

Medium & small biotechs

Stratify patient groups with relevant biomarkers for maximum returns.


Assess biomarkers to find the right ones for your clinical trials and improve the probability of success.

We scan 95% of the world wide web to extract relevant life science data

35 M+


580 K+

Clinical Trials

9 M+


5 M+


3 M+

Congress Articles

26 M+


2 M+

Chemicals & Drugs

1 M+

Theses & Dissertations

  • World´s largest life science ontology with 31M+ biomedical terms
  • Connecting drugs, indications, study design, trial information, patients, authors, and sponsors with real-world events
  • Structuring unstructured data
  • Real-time predictions

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