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Life science data ocean connects disparate data

Ontosight® Academic aggregates, connects, and contextualizes data from millions of public sources such as PubMed, EMBL-EBI, and ClinicalTrials.gov. The volume of life science data produced in a single year is more than an academic researcher can feasibly read over his or her entire career. Ontosight® Academic enables you to stay up-to-date in your unique research area with continuous, real-time alerts as new research is published, grants awarded, or congresses held. Use Ontosight® Academic to accelerate your grant writing and ensure that your applications have the best possible chance of approval by examining funding trends and identifying opportunities.

The Ontosight® Academic data universe

35 M+


580 K+

Clinical Trials

2 M+


2 M+

Chemicals & Drugs

9 M+


1 M+

Theses & Dissertations

26 M+


3 M+

Congress Articles

Ontosight® Academic: Life science data ocean powered by artificial intelligence

Ontosight® leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning models, natural language processing, and advanced text analytics to generate continuous insights across all research areas. Ontosight® is a life science intelligence engine that provides the right direction for data exploration and insight discovery.

Ontosight® Academic deploys a life science-specific ontology to contextualize and enhance the relevancy of search results through its understanding of biomedical concepts. Ontosight® Academic provides you with deep insights into gene-protein-pathway interactions by connecting data in context across millions of publications, clinical trials, patents, congresses, grants, and theses.

Why Ontosight® Academic?

Search using life science ontology

Our ontology understands life science concepts and terms. It is able to understand that acronyms are related to various concepts and can distinguish between two concepts that share the same acronym such as EGFR.

Single platform

Ontosight® Academic consolidates your search by connecting data from thousands* of life science databases. Access a data ocean that covers 95% of world wide web.

Updated in real time

New data is assimilated into our data ocean immediately after publication. Set alerts for specific search clusters to stay on top of your unique research area.

Find cutting-edge data

Ontosight® Academic can help you navigate fast-moving research frontiers. Ontosight® Academic encompasses a massive volume of life science congresses and theses, ensuring that you have access to the most nascent research being done in your field.

Concept based search
Innovative search crumbs for getting the right query
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Clinical trials data
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Get detailed insights around intervention
Get detailed insights around gene
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Medical affairs dashboard for focused analysis
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